Single Phase Reefer (100% Eléctrico)

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220V single phase Refrigerated Containers

Our temperature-controlled cold storage containers are perfect for anybody that needs extra on location refrigerated or cooler space. The single-phase reefer containers are 100% electric. They take into account a large number of items to be stored at temperatures below 0°F and up to 86°F contingent upon the necessities.

RAVA Group Container Services has 10ft, 20ft and 40ft cold storage containers available. Whether you have a need to store fresh or frozen food, chemicals or other temperature-regulated items, RAVA Group Containers has the perfect portable cold storage solution to protect and prolong the freshness of your product.

Ready to cool – High-Efficiency 10′ Reefers

We have a Phase Convertor for Customers that need to from single phase to 3 phase conversion.

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