Nuestro módulo de monitoreo remoto de 24 horas puede notificarle al instante en el momento en que su refrigerador encuentra cualquier cambio en la temperatura, la humedad o la pérdida de energía.

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Reefer Unit 24 hr Remote Monitoring and Global Tracking

  • Protect loads by ensuring optimal temperatures are maintained during transport.
  • Increase utilization and reduce operational costs, the risk of cargo loss and asset damage.
  • Reduce claims with immediate reporting of alarm data for rapid response and repair.
  • Track all your assets – reefers, gensets, chassis and dry containers – with a single solution.
  • Minimize pre-trip inspection costs and time; expedite asset turns at port.
  • Reduce costs of monitoring services, infrastructure, and 3rd party inspections.
  • Help build loyalty by simply and easily providing customers access to customized data.
  • Enable trip-based or temporary monitoring when permanent installations aren’t an option.
  • Ensure customer and regulatory compliance by capturing live data for food traceability.