Supra 560 Con Opción De Espera Eléctrica

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71.7″ x 31.1″ x 21.8″ (1,823 x 791 x 555 mm)

EVAPORATOR DIMENSIONS 48.2″ x 21.6″ x 11.4″ (1,225 x 550 x 290 mm)

BODY/PENING 49.0″ x 12.2″ (1,245 x 310 mm)


TDB-13: 806 lb (365 kg) without standby

TDS-13: 850 lb (385 kg) with standby

Cooling/Temperature Capacity: Ambient at 100°F (38°C)

Speed: 2,300 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation

Standard Features Include: CT2-29 TriVortex diesel engine

05K12 2-cylinder compressor

Long life spin-on lube oil filter

Long life maintenance-free evaporator

fan motors Automatic hot-gas heating system Refrigerant R-404A Three-way refrigeration valve system Standard with electric standby (model TDS) Heavy-duty electric standby motor: 208v/230v-3ph-60Hz Remote-mount power receptacle Microprocessor control system CAB COMMAND™ remote control center Critical Cargo Monitor (in cab) Audible temperature alarm (in cab) Red light visual warning alarm (in cab) Automatic pretrip system Lighted CAB COMMAND keys Main on/off system power switch Display indicators Cool-Heat-Defrost Start/Stop-Out of Range Engine Operation-Electric Standby Digital readout CAB COMMAND (in cab) Engine coolant temperature Unit suction pressure Battery voltage Engine run hours