Supra 650 Con Opción De Espera Eléctrica

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Supra 650 has proven its reliability and performance over years of tough field duty.

Supra 650 offers faster pulldown, quicker recovery, and enhanced product protection even with frequent door openings.

• Low engine and compressor RPM operation for fuel economy and low maintenance cost.

• Exceptional reliability ensures the lowest overall cost to operate.

• Low engine RPM and acoustically designed skins offer exceptionally quiet operation.

• A virtually automatic operation that is incredibly easy to use.

Condition: Nuevo o Usado

Standard Features Include:

CT3-44 TriVortex diesel engine 05K12 2-cylinder compressor Automatic hot-gas heating system Refrigerant R-404A

Three-way refrigeration valve system Standard with electric standby (model TDS)

Heavy-duty electric standby motor: 208v/230v-3ph-60Hz
or 220v-3ph-50Hz

Remote-mount power receptacle Microprocessor control system

CAB COMMANDTM remote control center Critical Cargo Monitor (in cab)
Audible temperature alarm (in cab)
Red light visual warning alarm (in cab) Automatic pre trip system

Lighted CAB COMMAND keys

Main on/off system power switch Display indicators

Start/Stop-Out of Range
Engine Operation-Electric Standby

Digital readout
CAB COMMAND (in cab) Engine coolant temperature Unit suction pressure Battery voltage
Engine run hours
Electric standby hours

Maintenance interval hours Total on-time hours Setpoint temperature
Box return-air temperature

Automatic Start/Stop fuel saver City Speed control
Automatic defrost control

Programmable defrost timer Defrost air switch
Automatic defrost termination Manual defrost override

EPDM coolant hoses
Extended-life antifreeze
High coolant temperature protection High-power 70-amp alternator Heavy-duty dry air cleaner
Spin-on fuel and lube filters
Low engine oil protection
High refrigerant pressure protection Low refrigerant pressure protection Receiver tank pressure relief Bottom panel
Installation package

Electric fuel pump
Fuel lines
Battery cables Installation hardware Fuel tank pickup tubes